Aggressive Representation for Those Facing Criminal Charges

Who will you bring to your defense?

At the Law Office of the Ozarks, defense attorney, Joe Pate, is committed to
protecting your rights and ambitions of the future, along with obtaining the
best possible outcome of the criminal charge itself.  

Attorney Joe Pate handles criminal matters including DWI, misdemeanors, felonies, alcohol and drug charges, battery, theft offenses, financial crimes, vehicle crimes, traffic tickets, bond reduction, weapons charges, and revocation of probation.

As a Criminal attorney, he advises his client how to carefully negotiate the criminal system and determine whether a criminal matter is suited for a trial or best left to negotiation with the State. With any criminal charge, there are always collateral consequences that will result from how the case is handled and resolved.

Why trust Attorney Joe Pate to protect you?

  • More than 13 years of criminal law experience as both a defense Attorney and prosecutor
  • Available and attentive, dependable support
  • Personalized, individual client attention
  • Strong negotiator, always advocating for you
  • Established trial lawyer, excels in the courtroom

In criminal cases, clients face the unknown of penalties and charges.  Attorney Pate works vigorously to implement a custom-made criminal defense specific to every case, facilitate open communication, and most importantly, keep you informed and at the center of the case.

Attorney Joe Pate at the Law Office of the Ozarks provides the experience, skill and personalized attention to your specific needs – exactly what is needed to protect you and your future.

Don’t leave it to fate, call Pate! 417-559-1324