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Probate law involves the administration of “estates” by the court; and everyone has an estate upon their passing – even if it is only debt.   Typically, what comes to mind at the mention of “probate” is a person’s last will and testament; and to be clear, a will does not necessarily avoid probate. And what happens when there is not a will? Missouri law provides for that scenario also; and again, it can result in a probate case. 

Probate issues typically include distribution of assets, satisfaction of debts, and even contests of wills. Probating an estate can be an arduous and expensive process; but with proper planning it can be avoided. Meeting with an attorney and addressing your estate and final wishes gives you peace of mind and removes the confusion and burden that falls to your loved ones in the absence of an estate plan. 

While the conversation about these end-of-life decisions is commonly procrastinated, Law Office of the Ozarks offers a free consultation to answer your questions and discuss available options regarding your estate.

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